What’s New? Sports Team – Stanton

Based out of West London after meeting in Cambridge, the brand new 6-piece that is Sports Team is here to rock your world.

If you spend your time hanging around dingy London venues you may have heard of these guys already, they’ve been on the live scene for a while playing with the likes of Childhood, Happyness, Dama Scout, Yowl, Lice and Hotel Lux.

But new song ‘Stanton’, is their debut offering for those that exclusively stick to the internet realm. With vocals that sound much more experienced than their owner’s true age, the influences of slacker legends Pavement come through as waves of guitars run up and down sporadically. The mood of the track changes in an instant from relaxed and sarcastic to revved up and assertive. If you’re looking for a track to keep you on your toes, ‘Stanton’ should be an instant favourite and keep an eye out for Sports Team in the coming year.

Stanton is out now on Nice Swan Records, upcoming record Winter Nets’ out January.