What’s New? Drahla – Form of Luxury

To put it bluntly, Drahla are one of the most exciting bands in the country at the moment – and it was around this time last year that I first came across them. Wharf Chambers was the venue, Saturday 19th November was the date, and the Leeds trio were in the middle of stellar line-up consisting of Megaflora, Peaness and Crumbs.

Every single band was excellent that night – but it was Drahla who stood out. Raw, powerful and intelligent in their noise affected post-punk, it was an austere blast of a set that seemed to come out of nowhere. Nearly a year on, the three-piece are about to release a new EP, Third Article – and ‘Form of Luxury’ is the latest cut from it.

Beautifully pumelling from the offset, with dissonant guitars taking centre stage, Drahla exhibit a steady hand over their cacophony of noise – domination that’s rarely seen in a band so young. Seemingly a furious riposte on the cold comforts of modern living and commercialisation, ‘Form of Luxury’, for all it’s post-punk whiz-bangs and white noise trimmings, is a song that yearns to change the wrongs of the world it finds itself in.

It’s this understanding, this vision, this merciless energy that sets Drahla apart – making you feel that every time you hit play, you’re witnessing something incredibly special. If being a music fan is the constant search for acts that energy, then Drahla are a must-listen.