PREMIERE: Leeches – Bob Ross (Live)

We first fell for Leeches just over a year ago with the release of their single ‘Inside Voices’. A raucous ball of fiery energy squeezed into 3 and a half minutes that eventually made it onto their debut EP Strange Bonds, released March this year.

Today, however, we’re here to hear a less jam-packed track, but an equally brilliant one. Coming in at just over 10 minutes long, ‘Bob Ross’ has so many mood changes, little breaks and unexpected turns that “the only way it was ever going to be captured in its full majesty, is through recording it live” – and we happen to agree.

The Dorset trio gathered in drummer Frank’s grandprarents front-room with director/videographer/camera man Luke Dryden. Recorded entirely in one take, the depths of scuzzy alt-rock are truly exposed to the world, creating incredible visions and soundscapes to bend your mind a little out of whack.

As well as being a standalone single, Leisure Records are re-releasing the band’s Strange Bonds EP with this super special version of ‘Bob Ross’ as a bonus track. What a treat.

Limited edition re-issue Strange Bonds cassette available here or here.