What’s New? Tony Njoku – Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon

TMB have eagerly followed Tony Njoku’s career (we even nominated him for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition this year) – and new single ‘Drifting Off In A Care Powered Balloon’ is another gorgeous audio tapestry of synths and tender vocals that provides us more fuel to discuss his sumptuous and alien output.

Clean, spontaneous percussion back this electronic collage, saturated in reverb and distortion in equal amounts. Sounding somehow both casually improvised and meticulously engineered, his voice manages to hold out against a surging tidal wave of sound, Njoku left as the sole survivor in the eye of a sonic storm of his own making. Though the track soon proves its title worthy and drifts off, Njoku has sticking power.

FFO: James Blake, Anohni