What’s New? Tempesst – Adult Wonderland EP

Mix together an ever-changing sound of airy psychedelia with hints of pop and folk, and you have London’s Tempesst  – a quartet made up of Eric Weber (guitars), Kane Reynolds (keys) and brothers Toma Benjamin (vocals) and Andy Benjanin (drums). In the past year, the four have relentlessly bashed the the live circuit, hitting the likes of The Great Escape and Live At Leeds alongside supporting Mystery Jets and Albert Hammond Jr – but the release of woozy debut EP Adult Wonderland’ ensures that it’s Tempesst who are the stars of the show.

Opener ‘Waiheke’ awakens those rock ‘n’ roll roots, channeling influences from The Beatles’ psych phase to Tame Impala throughout. Tempesst successfully concoct an uplifitng mood, with the track radiating happiness with statement guitar reverbs and Toma’s lazily angelic vocals that are undeniably comforting. Second up is 2015’s ‘Tidal Wave’ – a track that snowballs from its subtle intro into a roaring chorus dominated by Toma’s melancholy vocals. Lines like “Riding on tidal wave, floating in from out of space” are lovingly chill, supporting the laid back persona that the band do so well.

Three may be the magic number, and even more so on Adult Wonderland, as the brilliant ‘Feel Better’ is a sublime ode to working all week and partying all weekend – something that resonates with many. It’s a distorted and hazy tune that features a good slice of rock ‘n’ roll thanks to its groovy guitar riffs. ‘God Knows I Needed a Muse’ is the EP’s closer – and it’s the most beautiful out of the bunch. Hollowed vocals sound angelic contrasted to brilliant guitar strikes and promiscuous drums. There’s something alluring and exposed about it – and its the perfect dreamy end to the four tracks.

Tempesst recreate psych through multiple ways in each of their songs to fit all moods. With underlying sounds of different genres, the quartet easily switch their styles from floaty folk-pop and back to those 60’s vibes all over again. Adult Wonderland is exciting and mysterious – and will keep you on your toes. Tempesst are a band to keep a watch out for, let loose and jump on that psychedelic dream boat with.