What’s New? Dream Nails – Tourist

When we caught London-based trio Dream Nails at their Bradford Show in June, we described their set as “a focused blast of pure energy… this is activism in action, a band that own any space they enter and enact positive social change wherever they can, one venue at a time”. And on new single ‘Tourist’, taken from the upcoming Dare To Care EP, Dream Nails certainly live up to that description.

Tackling the subject of “men who present themselves as a hero – but all they really do is fetishise sad girls, make them emotionally attached and then abuse that power”, ‘Tourist’ is ferociously powerful. Anya Pearson’s guitar throws out melodic and blistering rock-and-roll riffs, not dissimilar to Ex-Hex – which feels like a deliberate re-purposing of the “cock-rock” tendencies of the genre. Couple this with Janey Starling’s impassioned shouts of “I’m not here for you to be a hero!”, and ‘Tourist’ sits on a mantle with X-Ray Spex’s ‘Oh Bondage! Up Yours!’ – an anthem that isn’t afraid to say what needs to be said, and demands that you scream at the top of your lungs in return.

‘Tourist’ shows why Dream Nails are so important in 2017. They’re a band that writes about the issues that matter with furious passion – and they have a knack for encasing this in brilliant gems. Check out ‘Tourist’ below: