Interview: A Conversation with SPINN

SPINN have been causing a stir over the past few months. With their feel-good jangle-pop tunes and infectious personalities, it’s not hard to see why the Liverpudlian quartet are constantly tipped as one of 2017’s best up-and-coming acts. Ahead of their debut EP’s release via Modern Sky, we chatted to singer Jonny Quinn about Alex Turner, touring – and cats:  // Photo Credit: Lauren Jade Keir Photography

Hey Jonny! For those who don’t know, can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

SAPPO! Johnny, Andy, Sean and Louis is who we are, and together that makes SPINN. We’re a bunch of cool dudes, providing the pop bangers that the people need. Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ll like us – and maybe even add one of our songs to your Spotify playlist xoxo


You guys have your debut EP coming out soon. What can people listening to it expect?

The EP’s sounding great at the moment! It’s not been mixed properly yet, so that’s probably a good sign. In terms of sound it’s a mixed bag, but in a good way – we have a few good pop tunes. Working in the studio over a few days gave us the opportunity to have little experiment with our songs and do stuff we’ve not done before. Also, a maaaaassssivvee thanks to our mates/producers Chris McCrory and Alex Quinn. Ily guys x


What’s been some of your influences over the EP’s songwriting?

We had all sorts of influences on this EP. We actually made a playlist with Chris so we could get the sound we wanted, and there’s a massive range of artists that influenced us (we might release that playlist, it’s actually poppin’). I’d say that we’re mostly influenced by bands like Orange Juice, The Cure, DIIV etc. Modern indie music doesn’t really influence us at all – so we tried to take things back to basics and get the essence of indie pop, mix that in with three cups of sugar, spice and all things nice, five table spoons of sunshine, and most importantly, two fluid ounces of love. And there you have it – SPINN’s EP.


What’s the plan for the band after you’ve released the EP?

Hopefully we’re gonna hit the road and tour tour tour TOUR until we run out of money. I’m really hoping that the EP will help get our songs more well-known – because, as the singer of an up-and-coming guitar-driven popular music group, there’s no better feeling than seeing an audience bopping along to your tunes (and maybe even catching somebody singing along). That’s always wild! But yeah, hopefully after the EP we’ll go on a big massive tour, and we’ll see how things go from there.


Liverpool’s a perfect place for an upcoming indie band like you. What other bands, new or established, from the city do you guys love?

Liverpool is a bit of a musical powerhouse, man. There’s so many different bands to choose from. As a band, I think we’d collectively agree that Echo and The Bunnymen are our favourite Scouse band. Obviously there’s The Beatles, but I think a lot of people are hung up on their success. I think there was a slump in Liverpool musicians during the 2000’s. I couldn’t say we particularly enjoy any of the successful Scouse bands from that era. I mean, I liked The Wombats when I was 15 if that counts???

That said, the current scene is really good. There’s so much variety, and with the likes of The Vryll Society and Her’s absolutely smashing it, I think Liverpool will start to get back to its usual self. A lot of the young bands coming through like The Cascaders are looking very promising, so hopefully this Scouse revival – or as I’ve heard it referred to on the streets, “#MerseyWave” – will get all these current Liverpool bands the recognition they deserve.


If there was one dream support slot for the band, who would you guys wanna support?

The main reason I wanted to be a frontman of a band was Alex Turner – no denying it, he’s one of my heroes la. Anyway, I went to see them back in 2013. The Strypes were supporting, I think they were 15 at that point, and were legitimately doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. And thus, supporting Arctic Monkeys on a world tour is the absolute dream. MAKE 15 YEAR OLD JOHNNY HAPPY! STREAM THE EP! MAKE IT POSSIBLE!


Finally what’s one thing all fans of SPINN should know about you guys?

Right okay this is a tough one, I don’t know what the people want to know so I’ll give you a fact about us all and then a band fact:

Andy is half Honduran which is pretty damn cool. Louis is a real sucker for a good flight simulator. I work as a steward at Everton F.C.’s training ground (when I’m off Rockstar duty). Sean really really really loves his cat Daisy, and appreciates people shouting it to him on the street.

SPINN have a new EP coming out, it’s called SPINN EP and it’s gonna be sick. It’s coming to you via a number of streaming services – and if you like it, come down and see us if we play a show near you X


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