Twin Peaks continue their ‘Sweet ’17 Singles’ saga with Blue Coupe / On the Line

Chicago’s very own Twin Peaks are back again with a sombre new double A-side Blue Coupe / On the Line’. It’s the latest of the rambunctious rock ‘n’ roller’s ‘Sweet ’17 Singles’ – a series of monthly releases which began this June, and will continue until the end of the year.

Both tracks explore a more tender side to the band’s sound, as the thundering guitars and wailing vocals you heard on last year’s Down in Heaven make way for sweeter melodies and pensive lyrics.

This month, Twin Peaks have graced us with a suitably melancholic soundtrack to the final bittersweet few days of warmth, as summer gives way to autumn. Be sure to catch the next installment of ‘Sweet ’17 Singles’ this November.