Yellow Days – Oslo, Hackney – 11/10/17

Oslo, Hackney. A venue that’s starting to become one of my favourites due to the incredible gigs that constantly seem to be happening there. Tonight, it’s teenage prodigy Yellow Days, who has blown up over the last couple months with a string of dreamy singles that are simply irresistible to the ear.

But first up, South London rapper Benny Mails comes on to tell his story. Clearly in love with what he does, Mails electrifies the crowd with his quick flow and Justin Timberlake freestyles. Along with some insanely exciting new songs, ‘Mantra’ is a set highlight before finishing with ‘I Blocked My Dealer’ – an essential listen.

“We are Yellow Days, wassssuuup” 18 year old George van den Broek swoons to the sold out room not long later. The soothing tones of van den Broek’s unique voice immediately settle the warm and clammy room. “This world isn’t yours, it don’t belong to no one”, his vocal is gruff yet sickly sweet and so much more intense in a live scenario.

The gentle strummed guitar soon switches up in ‘A Little While’ as his solos wow the room above the song’s twinkly synths. Yellow Days utilise the guitar solo in a way not many have in today’s age. Pretentious, cocky, drawn out and painful – all words I would usually associate with a classic guitar solo are thankfully not words I would associate with Yellow Days. Guitar solos for the modern day, he has mastered the art.

The first note of ‘Gap In The Clouds’ makes the crowd go wilder than one would think possible at such a chilled out gig, as they sing along to the chorus with joy in their eyes and hearts. As much as Yellow Days has some great tunes and is certainly a talented man, his voice carries the entire set. Without such an extraordinary tone, the songs just don’t have enough intrigue and melody to be thrilling or overwhelming in themselves.

Overall, Yellow Days uses a mix of dreamy synths and his spectacular voice to put on a stunning set, you won’t leave unimpressed.