What’s New? 15.10.17 (Dancehall, Benny Mails, The Old Pink House)

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Dancehall – KO

It’s essential to be full to the brim with confidence about your new track when titling it ‘KO’, but luckily, it is a knockout. The first standard yet irresistible riff lures you into the frenzied abundance of guitars that follow. There’s a real 90s American grunge element to this track, but also 00s English indie – a somehow sublime mix of melody and distortion, check it out now.


Benny Mails – Senses ft. Art Daley

“Seriously what are you doing to me?” Mails questions on this new track with Art Daley. The soft jazz instrumental with subtle guitar and trumpet additions really shows the versality of Mails as an artist and specifically as a rapper. Telling the true story of him being arrested at 16 for graffitiing with King Krule – there’s plenty to disocver when one delves into the lyrics of Benny Mails, we would recommend.

The Old Pink House – Neck Deep

Those from the North East are generally known for not taking any shit, and The Old Pink House have truly confirmed that in their new single. Presumably in reference to a certain musical group mentioned by name in the title of this song and the allegations put out against them, The Old Pink House ask “Neck Deep is there something you don’t want me to see?” in their own psych-pop style. Style and substance, you’re through to the next round boys.