Twisterella Festival 2017: The Review

If you happened to catch Twisterella up north in Middlesbrough this weekend, there’s no denying that you most likely caught some incredible bands perform in some wonderful venues. The North’s heart opened up to showcase emerging local, national and international talent to the people of Teesside, and its surrounding areas, for the fourth year in a row. The day was set across numerous music venues around Teesside University – including the Student Union, TSOne and the Westgarth Social Club.

The festival was kicked off by dream-pop quartet Figmennt, who showcased a much more gritty and dirty performance in comparison their latest EP. Tracks such as ‘Apart from Me, A Part of Me’ immediately demanded the audience’s attention with reverb-laden guitars, soft drums, and an intensive and hulking instrumental section that beautifully layered coarse guitar riffs with percussion.

Twisterella threw Glasgow based four-piece The Ninth Wave under the spotlight as they hit Teesside’s Student Union. The room was packed, and the Glaswegians performed infatuating eclectic tracks such as ‘Reformation’, which was optimistic and cathartic, alongside newer numbers like ‘Liar’ which was much more 80s post-punk.

Team Picture were immense – and easily one of the best bands I’ve seen live in a while. The set was an dreamy breeze of lo-fi psych rock with impeccable vocals and acid-tinged guitars. The band brought a variety of moods to their set with hazy tracks like ‘Potpourri Headache’, and electric and energetic numbers like ‘Classic: M’.

Kyko were a band I’d never heard of before Twisterella – and I found myself dipping my toes into the world of electro guitar-pop a little bit more than usual. The four-piece brought intense amounts of groove and fun to the stage; super emotive and melodic tracks were layered with dancehall beats and chopping vocals, making it a certain pleasure to watch.

Finishing off the night were Avalanche Party, who performed at the Westgarth Social Club. I can only hope it’s still standing after fans crowd-surfed and demolished the tile ceiling, whilst the band performed a cacophony of deafeningly intense instrumentals that had everyone surging. Performing their most well known tracks such as ‘Solid Gold’, ‘I’M SO WET’ and ‘Porcelain’ with such ferocity and persecution was immense – and very much an unforgettable experience.

Twisterella did exactly what it pledged to do – showcasing a stunning array of artists from around the local area, nationwide and worldwide all in such small and homely venues. Until next year Twisterella – because we’ll be back!