What’s New? Miss World – Click And Yr Mine

Releases on certain labels come with a stamp of quality – but also the weight of expectation. Sweden’s PNKSLM are one of those labels, having been responsible for a steady and exceptional stream of releases from the likes of Magic Potion, Thee MVPs, Boys, The Castilians and Chemtrails (the list could go on). So the imminent arrival of Miss World’s (aka London-based Natalie Chahal) Waist Management EP on 13th October is intriguing.  It’s even more exciting after hearing the latest cut to be released from it – the bombastic ‘Click and Yr Mine’.

Seemingly on ode to the addictive joy of online shopping (“I fell in love on the internet…click, click, click and your mine”) and patriarchal control (“I don’t need no boys telling me what wrong and right”), ‘Click and Yr Mine’ is a certified banger that wastes no time in letting you know. It’s catchy as hell, concise and powerful – a simple enough combination that’s incredibly difficult to get right, especially to the standard that Miss World have here.

A tantalising taste of what’s to come from Waist Management, and a welcome addition to the burgeoning PNKSLM family, ‘Click and Yr Mine’ is a could-be anthem that will be struck swirling round your head for days. Check it out below:



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