What’s New? 24.09.17 (Shame, Fits, Reptaliens)

What’s New? is the place to come for your new music fix – exclusively here on Too Many Blogs. Every Sunday we bring you 3 new tracks for essential listening.


Shame – Concrete

Now releasing their music through Dead Oceans, London’s Shame have done nothing but progress since their initial releases. ‘Concrete’ sees the band sound ready to support Parquet Courts rather than smash their head off a ceiling light in Brixton. Full of momentum – “NO MORE QUESTIONS” Charlie Steen squeels over and over before the brilliantly hectic track comes to a quiet close.


Fits – Running Out

Sounding like they’ve come from the ashes of Best Friends, Fits are sure to be your favourite new band. Short and sweet just how we like it, a flurry of guitars and come down as soon as the track begins, light and joyful with passionate vocals that match the tone of Fits perfectly. We’re very excited about what’s next from this lot.


Reptaliens – 666Bus

“Maybe I’ll get his by a bus while I was dreaming of fallings, well maybe I’ll fall in love and die of a broken heart” the gentle vocals of Reptaliens set loose on the world as this track begins. Audibly twee but lyrically thought-provoking, the new signings for Captured Tracks should not be slept on. Their debut album FM-2030 is out October 6th, see you then.