Spring King – Fluffer Pit Parties – 15.09.17

As soon as I step into Fluffer’s ‘Secret Hackney Warehouse Location’ the first thing on my mind is “why doesn’t this happen more often?”. A huge room with one side draped in an enormous SPRING KING banner which looks down upon the stage that tonight indeed takes centre stage. 360o stages are first and foremost really bloody fun, but more importantly they give the audience a whole new perspective on what a live performance really can be. And what better band to do that with than Spring King?

The crowd is already dispersed pretty much evenly around the four barriers, seeming more like keen fanboys waiting for Conor McGregor than 4 dudes from Manchester but as soon as the lights dim and amplified feedback echoes around we feel right at home. Frontman and drummer Tarek Musa cuts my thoughts short “it’s more like a boxing ring than a stage isn’t it? Who’d win between Pete and Andy in a boxing match?” – “me every single time” guitarist Pete laughs as they dive straight into ‘Better Man’ and ‘Detroit’.

The punk energy that is found on Spring King’s debut album is turned up to 11 when the band perform live. Guitars are thrashed and smashed as Pete refuses to let the smaller stage affect his need to flail around maniacally and despite Musa’s testimony that he needs to go to the gym, it takes real strength and skill to sing and pummel the drum kit with the intensity that he does. Huge beach balls are now being thrown around aimlessly as a large proportion of the crowd move to the back as Tarek decides that it is the “moshing side”.

The moshing side is pleased as hit single ‘City’ blasts out followed by ‘Mumma’, arms and balls flailing around as one in a blur of content. Everyone is having a whale of a time, even the one guy trying to surf moving back and forth between 5-row strong crowd. They even keep moving for ‘They’re Coming After You’ Spring King’s most brilliant yet slow-paced track. “Sorry if you’ve ever been to one of our London shows before, but this has to be our favourite so far” he smiles around, they very much not offended faces around cheering back – this has been brilliant.

Finally, it’s time for the classic setlist closer ‘Rectifier’. The song bounds with energy helped along by its monumentally strong riff. A teenage girl leaps onto the stage and dances around looking at her friends below, “COME ON THE STAGE, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK” an excited Tarek screams prompting an onslaught of enthusiastic kids and adults alike hoarding onto the stage. Mayhem ensues before the final clash of drums means it’s time to go. Can we do this all over again sometime soon? Please?