Baby Strange Recommends:

In the middle of their UK tour and ahead of their Old Blue Last show tonight, we asked Glasgow boys Baby Strange to pick their favourite bands and tunes of the moment that we know you’ll love:

Rascalton – ‘Lust’

Rascalton are probably my favourite new band in the UK at the moment. They have great songs, they’re great live and have a lot of energy. There’s no messing about in ‘Lust’ – it’s straight to the point, loud and catchy.”


SWMRS – ‘Uncool’

“I love Drive North as an album; the production on it really impressed me. I like all the odd drum sounds and vocal glitches. SWMRS are a guitar band that are forward thinking, and you can hear that in this track.”


Roxy Agogo – ‘When You Dress Up’

Roxy Agogo is the king of weird. He has created his own world. It’s off the hinge, sleazy and powerful. This is probably one of my favourite songs of his; I think it could sound great in most genres.”


Ho99o9 – ‘Blood Waves’

“One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. The low end rumble on this song live was ridiculous. Go see them play – and buy their album.”