What’s New? RUNAH – This Silence

“The song, lyrically, explores feelings of isolation, pain and bodily disconnection – which can be felt not only by the sufferer, but also by those who seek to support them. It’s of great importance to me to acknowledge both parties”.

If you’re looking for a track that gives you a walking-on-sunshine type feeling, then this new outing from ethereal electronic artist RUNAH probably isn’t going to do you any favors today. That said, if you’re looking for something with deep musical intellect, stunning production and a worthy agenda – then it’s worth reading on.

‘This Silence’ is the latest in a string of tracks that explores an inherent theme and deeply connects with a topical issue. The Manchester-based artist’s last track ‘Blind Me To You’ was written about our personal connection with nature, while the new track explores issues of mental health. The song  is themed around the idea of confinement & suffering on your own.

While the narrative of the song is a powerful and important one, I’m not one to support music without the merit of legitimately strong songwriting at it’s foundation. ‘This Silence’ is much more than a moral & socio-political statement. It’s a genuinely beautiful song. Flirting with electronica, pop & ethereal nu-wave elements, the track ticks all the boxes of a hazy piece of contemporary electronica. Have a listen below: