What’s New? 10.09.17 (FUR, Llovers, BUNGALOW)

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FUR – If You Know That I’m Lonely

Ever think back to the glorious times of Buddy Holly and Perry Como? I know I do and that’s what makes FUR’s new track such a treat. “So don’t be sorry if you know that I’m lonely, I don’t feel like you know me well enough to understand” is a segment backed by a surprisingly upbeat and brilliantly melodic instrumental, content and blissful, make sure you listen to this today.


Llovers – I Don’t Mind

“I know I want it I need it but I can’t find the words” David Macnab sings out to us, heart-wrenching and passionate. Hazy layers of reverb-ridden guitars follow us throughout the track simmering below the gorgeous harmonies created by these North-Eastern boys. Keep an eye and an ear out for this lot.


BUNGALOW – Never Really Leave

Thomas and Camille aka Amsterdam duo BUNGALOW have been keeping quiet for a while, but they’re back with a bang on this new single. Sublime pop vocals, crunchy R&B-esque electronic samples and drum kicks to bring the track’s strong rhythmic melody altogether.