What’s New? 03.09.2017 (Seazoo, Beachtape, Graceland)

What’s New? is the place to come for your new music fix – exclusively here on Too Many Blogs. Every Sunday we bring you 3 new tracks for essential listening.


Seazoo – Shoreline

Momentum-filled, upbeat and happy-go-lucky, Seazoo’s new number is everything we could ask for from the Welsh upcomers. ‘Shoreline’ is the second single from their debut album – out November – where they proficiently portray their songwriting and synth-combined skills. Try and finish without bopping your head or smiling, I dare you.


Beachtape  – Through and Through

If you follow TMB, you’ll be no stranger to Beachtape. We’ve hyped their last couple of singles because, well, they’re all brilliant. ‘Through and Through’ is no different, the sunny Brighton sounds shine through and through your headphones whatever the weather. Short and sweet yet rough and rocky is how these guys do it, and they do it spectacularly.

Graceland – Flyway

Mellow and mysterious, the sisters in Graceland have produced another brilliantly interesting track for us to delve into. The almost monotone lyrics during the verses beg to not just be heard, but properly listened to. Intertwining sections, the pace changing subtly and unexpectedly, ‘Flyway’ is really worth giving your time of day.

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