Frøkedal releases two new singles ‘LTF’ & ‘Cracks’

‘The Coolest Woman in Norway’, Frøkedal, returns from her summer hibernation with a dual single release of tracks ‘LTF’ and ‘Cracks’ – two songs that show two sides of her musical character, whilst tackling the subject of love and its accompanying irrational fears.

‘LTF’ is more of a rock song than most of the material Frøkedal has produced before – underpinned by retro, Ringo Starr-like percussion, and a fascinating intricate interaction of guitar and mandolin that develops as the track nears its end and the trademark golden Telecaster works overtime.

‘Cracks’ is a more traditional folk song that sees Frøkedal revisit her Joni Mitchell persona – again with the aid of an intricate piece of guitar work. It even features a Cajun Triangle, a pretty cool-sounding instrument which resembles the plant pot holder hanging off my outside wall, and that perhaps recognises Frøkedal’s reputation in the universe of cool. “Can you see the cracks in me”? she asks. Well actually, no.

With debut album Hold on Dreamer released last year, Frøkedal is drip-feeding new singles from what’s presumably a forthcoming album. Let us see what awaits.