What’s New? 28.08.17 (Colouring, Beaches, Gold Fir)

What’s New? is the place to come for your new music fix – exclusively here on Too Many Blogs. Every Sunday (or occasional Bank Holiday Monday) we bring you 3 new tracks for essential listening.


Colouring – If I Ever Lose Your Love

This band never cease to amaze, don’t let them pass you by. A step out of their comfort zone into a slower and steadier race, ‘If I Ever Lose Your Love’ is reminiscent of early Coldplay (aka, everyone’s favourite Coldplay). A beautiful and heartfelt track, quiet piano chords give a luscious base to this simple but ultimately satisfying tune – with subtle electronic samples that make sure you don’t forget who they are.



Beaches – Arrow

Beaches, something we have little experience of in England. Luckily, these ladies from Melbourne have plenty to go along with their rambunctious guitars and stellar melodies. ‘Arrow’ is their best track yet we’ve heard from upcoming album Second of Spring – for fans of Splashh and other such psych-rock – listen up.



Gold Fir – Night Walk

You’re about to listen to some perfect electro-pop, mark my words. Sultry and emphatic with some funky as funk bass topped by ultimately unique vocals. Like yeah, Daft Punk are good, but this is gooooooooood.