What’s New? Sol Heilo – America

Heard of Sol Heilo? She’s been on the scene since the early 2000s as a member of Katzenjammer – a big favourite of Terry Wogan, which probably wasn’t good for their youth credibility. Now, she’s branching out on her own with the first single from Skinhorse Playground – her upcoming solo debut album.

Showcasing an infectiously strong melody from the get-go, ‘America’ is bound to get you hooked. With an impressive song-writing and multi-instrumentalist history, Heilo is an experienced composer – and the track’s swathes of strings, timpani and harps convey her stunning talents.

There have been many songs titled ‘America’ – including those from Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond and Razorlight. They can be odes to freedom, the American Dream or – more likely right now – an opportunity to put the country down. Heilo opts for the first; the track was written shortly after her arrival to the States from frozen Norway, where she awoke to see palm trees waving outside her New Orleans hotel room.

America is guaranteed to get airplay across Radio 2 at least for the next few weeks – and Skinhouse Playground is definitely one to look forward to.