What’s New? 13.08.17 (Cassels, Zuli, HËXĖ)

What’s New? is the place to come for your new music fix – exclusively here on Too Many Blogs. Every Sunday we bring you 3 new tracks for essential listening.


Cassels – Coup/Let

The first tracks from the brothers’ upcoming debut album Epithet, out 6th October on Big Scary Monsters. Fired up with youthful anger about the world’s pressing problems, those who say there’s no political music have never heard Jim and Loz Beck perform before. Make sure you listen to both tracks, if you hadn’t guessed, it’s kind of a package deal.



We’ve been excited for more Zuli since their last release and ‘Blaze’ is exactly what the doctor ordered. An honest and heartfelt track portrayed through a strong and buoyant melody, bright guitar tones and even dreamier vocals. Listen up quick, plus last month’s single ‘Kubadiver’ if you haven’t already.



HËXĖ – Edge

Soulful, garage influences and synths galore. The London duo have perfected the precision of creating electro-pop and, lucky you, they’ve let us listen in. ‘Edge’ centres around the feeling of liking someone but not being able to commit but seriously, the hook in this new track is so sensual you’ll want to ask it to marry you.

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