Sunfall Festival 2017: The Preview

It’s the second year for the relative newby of the London festival scene, but electronic haven Sunfall Festival is already starting to make a name for itself. Curated by the brains behind Dimensions Festival and Outlook Festival, this year sees the Brockwell Park event carve out it’s own corner on the circuit to become the premiere event for underground electronic music on the 12th August.

Firstly, we’re hoping it doesn’t rain. Optimistic, I know. But if we get lucky, then we should be treated to a pretty outstanding day in South London – as the organisers have secured performances from the likes of jazz legend Roy Ayers, Chicago house royalty Larry Heard, and a slew of home grown talent such as Giles Peterson, Ben UFO and a debut live solo performance from Floating Points.

The real ace in the pack for Sunfall festival though is what happens when the event finishes. Very few, if any London festivals can boast the inclusion of an after party in the price of their ticket. And none, can state the likes of Phonox, XOYO, Corsica Studios and more like them as the official venues. All things considered, you can’t really go wrong with the line-up. However, we’ve whittled down a few acts we’ll be making sure to catch.



Danilo Plessow is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in the past few years, mostly due to his outstanding performance at Dekmantel Festival recently. But the German producer/DJ legend is about much more than that. Making his name as a master of soulful groove with the now seminal Raw Cuts series, the handful of tracks cemented Plessow as  master curator of the funkiest samples from the worlds of jazz, soul, funk, hip hop and house. The years have rolled by, Raw Cuts are still some of the most sought after vinyl’s you can buy -and MCDE has become a seriously revered selector.



You just can’t go to an outdoor festival in the middle of August and not want to listen to Mr Sunshine himself. Known as a legendary jazz pianist and composer, the multi-talented musician has developed a cult like following in dance music circles mainly due to legendary track “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” – which has been remixed by Machinedrum and featured in Straight Outta Compton.



Check out the first ever live solo show from Sam Shepherd for an absolute masterclass in what is technically and musically possible for an electronic musician. Apart from making stunning electro music that knows no boundaries of structure, genre or form, Floating Points also moonlights as a qualified neuroscientist – which in a rather bizarre way, makes total sense when listening to tracks such as ‘Nuites Sonores’ and his stunning album Elaenia.