New Music: Taylor and the Mason – Midas Touch

I’ve seen Taylor and the Mason twice in the last year, opening for high-quality performers such as Little Scream and Cattle & Cane. Actually, on the first occasion, it was Sally Mason alone, but that’s a minor detail.

On both instances, I was impressed and wondered when they were going to be headlining established venues themselves.

They like to send themselves up and are probably best known for their slightly tongue-in-cheek songs such as ‘Gin in Berlin’ and ‘Little King’ but as ‘Midas Touch’ demonstrates they are equally at home with a more serious subject matter. They both have fine voices and their harmonies are delightful, especially when you consider their voices are quite different.

When their full band is out (this is almost it on the video, just minus one violinist I think) they remind me of the late, lamented Biederbeck, which is quite a complement.

Britain has been waiting for a top class female duo. While there are a few contenders, such as Let’s Eat Grandma and Sound of the Sirens, I don’t think we’ve had one since the days of Shakespears Sister and Alisha’s Attic.

There’s something about these two that tells me they have the ability to push on and challenge themselves to make a serious breakthrough if they really want to.

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