Weaves return with new single ‘#53’ and announce new album

Even though it’s been barely a year since we were treated to their gem of a debut, Weaves have already finished work on their sophomore album ‘Wide Open’, sharing first single ‘#53’ earlier today.

Ditching the lo-fi vibes which left the ramshackle debut fraught with charm, ‘#53’ sees Weaves widen their horizons but still clutching tightly to the threat of falling apart, each member of the band walking a fine line between mastery and disaster (di-mastery?). Vocalist Jasmyn Burke’s unique voice soars above a dense wall of sound that has so far been absent from Weaves’ songbook. Of course, nothing with this band is ever predictable and the song twists and turns, easily recapturing the punky attitude that the made the first album so effortlessly thrilling. Playfully hailed by the band as their ‘Americana’ record, ‘Wide Open’ looks already like a case closed: brilliant.

In making this album I didn’t feel any pressure or any fear, and I think that might be the difference between this album and the last,” Burke reflects. “It’s been a weird year, and even on the album cover we’re in bright colors, but we’re covered in soot and we look like we came out of an explosion and I think that’s kind of the way life is. Hopefully you can bring some light to people.

Weaves’ Wide Open is due out 6th October on Buzz (Can), Kanine (US) & Memphis Industries (RoW).

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