What’s New? 30/07/17 (Weird Milk, Look Vibrant, Mini Skirt)

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Weird Milk – All Night

‘I’ve been thinking about this forever, I’ve been thinking about this all night”, the charismatic vocal of Weird Milk’s new single sits above their calypso-esque melody that changes and progresses throughout this short track, never leaving a moment to question, just accept the goodness flowing into your eardrums. Out via Ra-Ra Rok Records (HMLTD, The Rhythm Method, Dead Pretties), they’re undoubtedly the next big thing to come out of South London.



Look Vibrant – Numb Spirit

Montreal’s Look Vibrant turned heads with last year’s single ‘Bull & Eagle’ and they’re back now to wow the crowds. ‘Numb Spirit’ sees our Canadian friends delve straight into it’s killer riff that could have been ripped from a fairground carousel but with added reverb to achieve that perfect psychedelic aura. The track ends with a mystical 90-second outro, an intriguing listen to say the least.



Mini Skirt – French Kiss

Young and in love, what better way is there to make music? ‘French Kiss’ is an ode to “being a teenager and all the weird feelings that come with it”. A hazy guitar line cradles the duo’s vocals – male and female tones perfectly suited for the style “so drunk, french kissing in your car”, a beautiful debut single.