Visions Festival 2017: What Not To Miss

Visions Festival once again returns to East London on Saturday 5th August. Hosting an array of bright artists and various quirky events like the Dog Show, we thought we’d guide you through the line up with our must-sees for the day.



Potentially the most thrilling inclusion on this year’s initial line up release was the return of the Visions Dog Show. Free to all members of the public, the show will be hosted by Jen Long and judged by members of Girl Ray and Mystery Jets. With categories such as Cutest Pup, Best Trick, Waggiest Tail and Best Twin Peaks Costume, the show will see some of Hackney’s finest dogs going head to head in a battle for the ultimate crown, the award for Best Dog.

St John at Hackney Church, 12pm



Fronted by New York-born Greta Kline, Frankie Cosmos hit the lips of indie music publications across the US and UK last year after a few early singles releases. Their 2016 sophomore album The Next Thing received widespread critical acclaim for Kline’s sweet, conversational lyrics, soft synth and charmingly timid guitar. Frankie Cosmos started off as a bedroom-based project, and whilst the shows continue to get bigger, they remain as intimately DIY and dulcet as ever.

Oval Space, 5pm



Following straight on from Frankie Cosmos and continuing in the vein of sweet-sounding pop-charm is the London-based electro-pop band Kero Kero Bonito. Influenced by J-Pop, dancehall and sugary video-game music, last year’s debut album Bonito Generation was a creative and irresistibly catchy journey through Japanese-born Sarah Midori Perry’s playful imagination. Expect to question your status as an adult when you find yourself dancing to a song about bouncing on a trampoline.

Oval Space, 6:45pm



If you think you’ll be unsatisfied by the double dose of super-sweet in Frankie Cosmos and Kero Kero Bonito’s live sets, then you’ve got the additional option of watching them compete in a crepe cook-off. We assume this will be exactly what it sounds like. We don’t really know… but how can it be anything but really, really lovely?

Space Studios Courtyard, 3pm



If sweet and lovely isn’t your thing, then head to Marie Davidson for some cold, minimal techno/electro-pop. The Montreal-born producer employs spoken word in both French and English over industrial drum-machine and toned, thrusting synth. The combined effect is a breed of electrofunk that is effortlessly stylish and equally attractive.

Brewhouse, 5:45pm



Formed in Liverpool, Her’s’ Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading released their mini-LP debut Songs of Her’s earlier this summer. With a breezy sound characterised by jangling guitar, synth, drum-machine and rich but lackadaisical vocals, the pair’s debut release feels hazy and raw but impressively accomplished.

Sebright Arms, 6:30pm



Recently signed to Dead Oceans, you may be aware of South-London post-punk outfit Shame for their recent “ode” to Theresa May on new single “Visa Vulture”. Not shying away from tongue-in-cheek political commentary, you’ll see a raucous, high energy performance of their small but quickly growing back catalogue.

Mangle, 6:15pm



If you haven’t seen or heard about Jenny Hval’s live show before, then there’s no way you can possibly know what to expect from this one. Hval’s previous two albums, Blood Bitch (2016) and Apocalypse, Girl (2015), rightly received critical acclaim for the beautiful experimental art-pop journeys that they take you on. Her live shows generally consist of vibrantly avant-garde visual performances. Expect anything and everything, but what you will get is a fascinating performer with an amazing vocal range and a wildly artistic mind.

Oval Space, 8:15pm



Sophie Allison, who goes by the moniker Soccer Mommy, specialises in a brand of mellow guitar pop that you can’t not like. Poignant vocals, intelligent lyrics and bittersweet, lo-fi choruses make for a collection of irresistibly sweet songs that will soon form a new ‘mini-album’ entitled Collection (released Friday 4th August).

NTs 4:45pm



One of key figures in the musical movement of London-based label PC Music, Samuel Long (moniker SOPHIE) will close Oval Space at this year’s festival. With a sound characterised by pitch-shifted female vocals and sparkling synthetic textures, SOPHIE and PC Music quickly became the talk of hipsters across the UK and US. Probably not a set for the fainthearted, SOPHIE will launch an assault on the senses with intense strobing and booming hyperkinetic synth – all played out over a huge sound-system. Don’t miss it.

Oval Space, 10pm