Our favourite tracks of last month: June 17

Each month, us writers at TMB get together and put together a post to share our favourite tracks that were released in the previous month. Here is our latest selection of tracks!

Jerkcurb – Voodoo Saloon
(chosen by Jake Crossland)

Back with his first single proper in over a year, it’s a welcome return for Jacob Read, aka Jerkcurb. Doubling down on the sweetened sleaze that’s tinged his past releases, ‘Voodoo Saloon’ sees angel vocals (Read’s own words) and a full band added to his formerly sparse palette to predictably magnificent results. Even ignoring the gloriously absurd lyrics and typically majestic artwork, it’s a masterpiece. (so much so that three TMB writers wanted this as their track for this month)


Arcade Fire – Everything Now
(chosen by Robyn Claridge)

Arcade Fire’s first release ‘Everything Now’ from their upcoming album ‘Everything Now’ channels some uber Abba vibes. The track oozes with 70s groove through chiming acoustic guitar and melodic piano. It’s super refreshing and unlike anything on the music scene currently. Undeniably worth a listen.


Sälen – So Rude
(chosen by Elli Brazzill)

Since hearing ‘Pretty, Fake’ I boarded the Sälen hype train and have no intention of getting off. ‘So Rude’ is another added carriage of brilliance, with bass that could have been sampled from an early Metronomy album but with unique, sincere vocals and bold and brash lyrics that makes them stand out so much. They’re first class for sure.


Parcels – Overnight
(chosen by Daisy Summerfield)

‘Overnight’ is the funky 70’s throwback you’ve been waiting all year for. Laced with dreamy vocals and groovy basslines, it’s youthful and fresh, effortless and infectious. Co-written and produced by French electro royalty Daft Punk


Julia Jacklin –  Eastwick
(chosen by Joe Horsman)

Not too long after the release of her 2016 album Don’t Let the Kids Win, Julia Jacklin produces the goods with her new single. A swooning drifter that builds into a thunderous cacophony, Eastwick is arguably her boldest song to date.


The Last Dinosaur – All My Faith
(chosen by James Hughes)

The Last Dinosaur (otherwise known as Jamie Cameron) released this distinctive track toward the end of last month. ‘All My Faith’ is an uplifting, yet heart-wrenching track which can be found on the album The Nothing, which was released on July 7th.


Real Fears – You
(chosen by Chris Graham)

Real Fears’ debut ‘You’ has cool moments of both nostalgic 80’s pop influences and modern indie-rock impressions. An impressive debut that thrills with its huge chorus impact and touches of blissful minimalism. Swelling with an infectious tension, like a storm building; doubled vocals and scattering percussion hits swim with the tension nicely in this track.