What’s New? Latitude 2017 Special

What’s New? is the place to come for your new music fix – exclusively here on Too Many Blogs. We’re off to Latitude Festival (14-16th July) and have picked out our top 10 most exciting new artists that are a must-see in a couple of weeks time.


Lea Porcelain

This Berlin-based duo have been making a racket (but a really enjoyable racket) around the UK and Europe over the past year, and it’s landed them a top spot between Life and Happyness on The Lake Stage this year just a few weeks after the release of their debut abum. Musically, Lea Porcelain are uniquely powerful, electro-tinged and full of dark, brooding energy which is not to be missed.




Sigrid is the next big thing in pop, and the side of pop that indie/alternative types love too. It’s that good. This year’s ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is one of 2017’s best singles with its downright incredible melody performed perfectly by the passionate Norwegian. Catch her at the Sunrise Arena on Friday for half an hour of tune after tune after tune.



Bruce O Yates

2016’s Homer EP released via Handsome Dad Records entered us into the wonderful world of Bruce O Yates. Stripped back instrumentals and a luscious melancholy tone throughout, Yates will undoubtedly be the perfect remedy for a hot Saturday afternoon at Latitude, head down to The Alcove and kick back in the shade to his mastery.




If you fancy seeing more than one Berlin-based duo on Sunday, there is a straightforward and recommended path towards Gurr. Different in terms of music and gender to Lea Porcelain, these two gals will knock your socks off with their non-stop thrashy guitar pop. Try out Moby Dick for size below, then we’ll see you at The Lake Stage Sunday.




Politically inclined but less dicky than some other bands that try to do the same thing, Shame are the ideal band to catch when you’ve overheard just a tad too many Tory-esque comments around Latitude and you’re internally screaming for an outlet for the anger brewing within. Believe us, you’ve got to see their live show to believe just how good they are. See them on the Lake Stage on Friday.

Goat Girl

Sunday at the Sunrise Arena sees one of the most exciting bands to be legitimately hyped up this year take to the stage. The clear-cut influences heard in Goat Girl’s music do nothing but boost its brilliance, primarily due to the sheer faultless vocals and crunchy guitars that entirely take over your brain and once you start you just can’t stop.

Seamus Fogarty

Having very recently announced his signing to Domino Records, Seamus Fogarty will be brimming with excitement and fresh tunes to perform on the 15th July. The Irish alt-folk artist has been honing his craft for a few years, the “alt” before the folk is the most important aspect to focus on, ambient electro and intriguing samples run through his music




A name that has been hovering around the industry for a while, Parcels are soon to break out into the big time. The Australian band are making waves with their incredible live performances and melodic masterpieces, so much that when a member of Daft Punk witnessed the group in Paris, he insisted on producing their next single. Not bad, eh? So why not head down to SOLAS on Saturday to see what all the fuss is about.





Another Norwegian take your fancy after Sigrid on Friday? Well, we’ve got just the thing. Sløtface have done nothing but wow crowds all across Europe for the last two years and with their debut album coming out in September, we can expect lots of top new feminist punk-pop tunes to dance around to “Patty Smith would never put up with this shit” – check out ‘Magazine’ below to get a taste of the good stuff.


Leo Stannard

Leo Stannard has been around for a long time considering his age and the industry is just about starting to take notice. Hailing from Leicester, his acoustic-pop has grown into so much more over the last year as he heads into the big-time market. There is no chance he won’t be pretty bloody successful, so you may as well check him out at the SOLAS Stage on the Sunday.

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