What’s New? Jerkcurb – Voodoo Saloon

It’s safe to say that art and music go hand in hand – a statement that illustrator/musician Jacob Read (aka Jerkcub) would only agree with. With an artistic eye for dystopian worlds that have led to a self-animated music video for debut release ‘Somerton Beach’, alongside a recent landscape exhibition at Tate Britain, the South London artist has entwined his creative talents so successfully that he may have just dropped the best song of Summer 2017.

Nostalgic and devastatingly pretty, ‘Voodoo Saloon’ is arguably Jerkcurb’s most beautiful single that he’s released yet. If the ridiculously dreamy opening guitar chords don’t win you over, then the reverb-laden ethereal vocal harmonies definitely will.

Discussing the song’s inspiration, Jerkcurb offers: “I’m very interested in theme parks, shopping centres, airports. These kinds of non-places, purgatory environments, and how they are this Americanised bastardisation of cultures and ideas, cut and pasted together. The Voodoo Saloon is like a theme park version of Wetherspoons, a juxtaposition of cultures and ideas, making little sense, fermenting eternally in purgatory”.

Home to Aldous RH, The Big Moon and Spring King, Handsome Dad Records really is the label to expose the best up-and-coming British talent. With the outfit only associating itself with the most creative of tunes, there’s no doubt that Jerkcurb’s future writings will be anything short of magnificent.

Catch Jerkcurb live on October 11th at The Lexington, London

Voodoo Saloon is available to pre-order now

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