PREMIERE: Dazy Crown – I Don’t Need A Jacket EP

Dazy Crown will be a familiar face to committed TMB readers, but if you’re not yet aware of the Norwich four-piece allow us to introduce you – and what better way than alongside their brand new debut EP?

I Don’t Need A Jacket, out today, takes 4 of Dazy Crown’s freshest cuts and pastes them all together into one handy spot. The melancholy sounds of ‘Euphoria’ melt deliciously into ‘Peanut Butter Dreaming’ a gentle yet momentum-filled track, it’s sweet guitars shimmering in hazy reverb. Thomas Little’s blissfully simple lyricism and unique tone gives Dazy Crown that something special, that little edge of sincerity in a scene overloaded with dreamy guitar bands. The fun-filled ‘360 Dunk’ is followed by the laid-back groove of ‘Multi Vitamin’ becoming the perfect ending for this 17-minute collection of soaring melodies and sun-soaked guitars.

We’ll probably have this on repeat all week, well, definitely.

I Don’t Need A Jacket is out now via Hazy Dog Records. Pick it up on cassette here.