What’s New? Malihini – Miss

Since forming in 2015, Malihini have been here, there and everywhere in the quest to share their music. Travelling throughout Europe, moving to London and now back to Sicily to record their debut album the international duo refuse to sit back and watch the world go by.

New single ‘Miss’ follows on from 2016’s ‘Waiting’, those recognisable synths and drums are back but ‘Miss’ has a lot more to give. The track gives significantly less consideration of pop standards than it’s predecessor with more concentration put on ultimate creative efficacy. Steady and pleasurably clunky at times, Giampaolo Speziale lets totally loose, his flow natural and ever-changing like a river.

The band have said about the track:

“‘Miss’ is a love song, containing memories and hopes and fears. When we were writing it we found ourselves in one of those rhythmic loops. A loop that felt tribal, almost. We scrambled some words together and they came out so naturally it felt like we were exhaling the lyrics rather than writing them”.

Listen to ‘Miss’ out via Memphis Industries now…