Trust Fund and Gareth Campesinos! join forces to release new Beautiful South cover

Covers can be a funny old thing. Done wrong, they can become an overwrought parody of original sentiment and energy. But done well, they can be spectacular – wonderful moments of insight that cut right to the heart of what made the original great and take it a different direction. Trust Fund is no stranger to a great cover, having arguably released two of the best this year on the Too Big To Fail compilation – ABBA’s ‘Lay Your Love on Me’ and The Lightning Seed’s ‘Footballs Coming Home’.

As special as these moments are, Trust Fund have knocked it out of the park on their latest track – a cover of The Beautiful South’s ‘I’ll Sail This Ship Alone’ featuring Los Campesinos!’ Gareth David. Released as the most recent installment of Art Is Hard Records’ Postcard Club, an annual series of monthly releases previously graced by Penelope Isles, Hot Shorts, The Golden Dregs and Factory Seconds, there’s a feeling of reverence and respect. Immediately identifiable as Trust Fund’s work, Gareth and Ellis’ snaking, interlocking take on the song’s lyrics of stoic resolve in the face of an ending relationship make the track feel like a meticulously chosen karaoke choice. A warm image of the pair passing a microphone to sing their respective parts is conjured with each passing verse.

Yet like previous Trust Fund covers, the beauty of this song comes from the deviation from the original. Here, the plaintive piano of the 1989 single is replaced with fuzz filled guitars that lend the cover a giddier, almost positive feel in comparison to the original – as if there is some solace to be found in the fact that the future can offer brighter things.  All in all, Trust Fund continues to excite and surprise with everything they turn their hands to. Who knows what comes next? Whatever it is, it’s something you will not want to miss out on.

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