What’s New? Oh Sees – The Static God

Ah FKA Thee Oh Sees (now just Oh Sees) – the band that never take a break. After only releasing excellent double album ‘A Weird Exits/An Odd Entrances’ last year, ‘The Static God’ marks another chapter in the band’s long history, as opening track to the newly announced ‘Orc’. Heralding John Dwyer’s return with a twanging squall of guitars, the track quickly assumes the position of the band we’ve come to know and love – chugging bass lines, falsetto taunts and urgent drums all swept up into the mix. Surprise backing harmonies soften the blow just enough for a mid-song breather before the whole track gets caught up in tumultuous synth and restarts the cycle all over again. Dwyer can sleep when he’s dead, I guess?

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