What’s New? HAUS – Don’t Care Enough

The North London 5-piece return with a groovy piece of synth-wave alt-pop that pushes all the right buttons.

Following on from the rather serene, dream pop sounds of “Say What You Say”, the band have released a new EP on Atlas Recordings this weekend.

Don’t Care Enough sees the band explore analogue style, retrosexual synths and generally hazy, Lo-Fi production in buckets. It’s got everything you want from a Haus record. There’s plenty of groove, top end production & a general in-your-face attitude. The track is inspired by an old school friend and the concept of how selfish we can all be at times. HAUS state:

“Don’t Care At All” was inspired by and old friend of mine in school. A lot of people would argue this person was a terrible person, ‘they’ did bad things, to other people but I saw the good in ‘them’ I saw I kind heart that made a few mistakes. At the end of the day every decision we make as human beings are made with our best interest at heart. We make decisions to benefit ourselves, to make ourselves happy. Whether that’s volunteering at a homeless shelter or committing a serious crime. Either way certain things make people happy, good or bad. Does that make us all selfish or does selfishness exist at all?

Either way, we’re going to (unselfishly) recommend you check this one out…