PREMIERE: Graceland – Flowers

We here at Too Many Blogs have been big fans of these four sisters since the release of their debut single at the end of last year. ‘Fleetwood’ – was an ode in reference to one of Graceland‘s greatest influences (the other being in their name), ‘Flowers’ is a totally different kettle of F.

Urging the listener to take a step back and really think, ‘Flowers’ subtly depicts the diverse positions in a relationship, with the intent that every person may possibly perceive it differently –

“you might identify mostly with the optimism of “we found love” and the sweet melodic coos in the chorus. Alternatively, you may align yourself with the chant of “you know why”: a slightly tongue in cheek, slightly venomous, slightly reticent taunt; all resignation and frustration”

Self-produced with Steph Marziano on mixing duties, the track was recorded in their native Norfolk allowing to keep matters as close to home as they can. Jangly guitars turn fervent and this mild-mannered tracks ends euphorically as Rosie Arnold yells “oh baby you know why!”

Listen to Flowers below…


London – Thousand Island (Headline) – 31/05/2017
Camp Bestival – 29/07/2017
Leefest – 11/08/2017
Bestival – 09/09/2017