What’s New? ALASKALASKA – Bitter Winter

Sometimes being based up North, you become aware of a band’s name through London gig listings, friends and the Twittersphere before they have even released music online. So it’s an absolute treat when the music lives up to the hearsay and exceeds expectations.

And that was indeed the case for emerging 6-piece ALASKALASKA. A unique name to live up to their unique music. You might need to put your seatbelt on for the rollercoaster of melody lead vocalist Lucinda takes us on, her standout tone cutting through anything in its path.

The soft stroke of a guitar and the gentle bounce of a drum pad welcome us into this new world of ‘Bitter Winter’. It’s scarce instrumental is soon intruded by the other members’ theatrical yet unusual mass chord changes, synth interludes closing with a restless saxophone improv. The perfect end to such an unpredictable new track.

Listen to ‘Bitter Winter’ below…out via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists