EP Review: Eat Fast – Immortal Kombat

Just as their name suggests, Eat Fast’s rise to fame has been nothing short of rapid. At the start of 2016, vocalist Adam Pearson was grinding away at a contemporary poetry PhD St. Andrews University; just over one year later, he’d bucked it back to Newcastle, recruited Mark Brown, James King and John Edgar, and established the four as one of the country’s most hotly-tipped garage bands of the moment. Signing to Brighton indie Cannibal Hymns of Dream Wife and Our Girl fame has birthed the release of Eat Fast’s wittily-named sophomore EP, Immortal Kombat. Recorded in bedrooms and studios alike, Immortal Kombat is six furious tracks of punchy riffs and blistering drums that will make you question why Eat Fast aren’t on every gym playlist ever.



“This is Capital North East” speaks the radio host on ‘One Life left (Pt2)’. If it wasn’t already obvious, these are boys who are viciously proud of their Northern routes. Rolling into the EP’s namesake, ‘Immortal Kombat’, Eat Fast eagerly hit you over the head with fuzzy and lo-fi melodies. They’re like Wavves -but think less Californian coast, and more industrial Newcastle.

Lead single ‘Scrambled Egg’ is arguably the catchiest of the lot, showcasing a squirming bass line that’s guaranteed to stick in your head long after its three minutes are up. Dark lyrical content is the underlying theme of the quartet’s writing, discussing mortality, loneliness, and death – but Immortal Kombat is saved from becoming too depressing, however, with Eat Fast’s pop-punk aesthetic.

‘Flummox’ is home to the dirtiest riff on the album, a thunderously twisted guitar that screams “fuzz” more than television static. The high pitched backing vocals of ‘Luck Pusher’ sound similarly almost Wytches-influenced in their execution, dirgy and piercing. The plodding drums and whining synth of ‘Alone In The Sun’ bring Immortal Kombat to a hypnotic end. If there was a downside, it would be that the EP has to end at all.

With bitesize chunks of riff-heavy numbers, Immortal Kombat will undeniably cement Eat Fast’s reputation as one of the UK’s most vital new garage bands in the scene. At just over fifteen minutes long, it’s clean and lean, bruisy and punching. This four certainly aren’t slowing down anytime soon.


Immortal Kombat is available nowCatch Eat Fast live:

May 19 – Brighton – Great Escape Festival

May 27 – Newcastle – Evolution Emerging

July 21 –  Deershed Festival

July 26/27 – Kendal Calling