What’s New? 10.05.17 (Hoop, Kidsmoke, Childcare)

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Hoop – To Know Your Tone

Sickly sweet yet surprisingly sinister, Hoop’s debut LP speaks out about “abusive relationships from a femme perspective” and ‘To Know Your Tone’ is the perfect first experience of a band that produce bass-heavy soft grunge with a faultlessly honest tone. Lead vocalist Caitlin Roberts portrayed a beautiful photo story over at GoldFlakePaint which you should check out immediately.



Kidsmoke – And Mine Alone

Wrexham indie-poppers Kidsmoke are back with a brand new track to warm the soul. “I don’t know what you’re waiting for” Lance Williams questions, questioning the lack of motivation many have to get up and do something amazing. This summery anthem might just give you that motivation, try it out.



Childcare – Dust

Yes, I know this came out last month. But it’s still as hot as it was 27 days ago. Looking after kids is a dream for some and a nightmare for others, but frontman Ed Cares’ day job as a nanny keeps his dream of being a musician within grasp for now – hence the name. “Soon we’ll all be dust” so you may as well check out their brand new EP while you’re still around.