Our favourite tracks of last month: April 17

It’s pretty much still the start of the month which means that it’s time for us to share our favourite tracks that were released last month!

Heman Sheman – Working Man (chosen by Jake Crossland)

A little bit of Pulp, a little bit disco – Heman Sheman take funk and make it dark. One of the best choruses of 2017 sees the track soar whilst tongue-in-cheek lyrics keep it firmly grounded, despite the best efforts of an abundance of wind chimes. The perfect accompaniment to the bad news that 2017 insists on delivering. FFO The Rhythm Method, Pulp, Chic.


Childhood – Californian Light (chosen by James Hughes)

There were a fair few great tracks released last month, a couple of which are featured in this list (cough *Paramore* cough) but my favourite of those 30 days was the one that came from Childhood. A track that just sounds delicious through a set of good headphones and when paired with a catchy-as-hell chorus, well, you’re on to a winner. A contender for my track of the year!


Paramore – Hard Times (chosen by Joe Horsman)

Paramore’s return was marked by a notable shift towards indie-pop in the essence of Dutch Uncles, a band they have previously toured with. Guilty pleasure or not, it’s an early contender for catchy summer banger of the year.


Babeheaven – Your Love (chosen by Elli Brazzill)

The ethereal sounds of Babeheaven returned this month, soft and delicate as ever but with a more defined and mature sound – plus a sweet sweet feature from Deem Spencer.


Time For T – Wax (chosen by Christian Graham)

Matching upbeat modern indie references while preserving throwback rock & roll roots, Brighton act Time For T’s latest single ‘Wax’ suits both the local bar jukebox and big summer playlists. Being perhaps their slickest release of theirs yet, the single is a lead up to the band’s self-released debut album ‘Hoping Something Anything’ due for release in September.


Sorry. – Drag King (chosen by Daisy Summerfield)

“FKA Fish, London’s Sorry are a band that anyone with good music taste will have been well aware of for a while now. Debut single ‘Drag King’ is hypnotic and twisted, giving us a taste of what menacing numbers are to come”