PREMIERE: Shamu – Where To Land

Not to be confused with the famous killer whale, and luckily not surrounded by the same amount of controversy – we present Newcastle newcomers Shamu.

Beginning as a duo after the split of a previous band, ­­­Jon and Sam stuck at it before being introduced to Will and his array of effects pedals. After being compared to Wild Beasts and Battles except with a “northern, data-age twist” and releasing a couple of tracks last year, the trio have been biding their time in 2017 to show us what they got. Fortunately for us, what they got is huge choruses and charming vocals that combine into superb alt-pop bangers.

Working with producer James Haselhurst at Grain Studios (Little Comets, North Atlantic Oscillation), ‘Where To Land’ stands out from the crowd at every discernible moment. Whether it’s the thundering drums and brooding verses, or the intriguing electronics that run into the track’s compelling chorus. “Now it’s safe to say I’m home, this is my destination” Jon profoundly declares, his tone eminent and sincere like nothing else you’ll hear today.

Shamu have got a real buzz and edge of excitement around them, influences far and wide that contribute to such intriguing music complemented by stellar songwriting – one to watch for sure.

Where to Land is out 5th May to stream on major platforms.