What’s New? 3.5.17 (Sophia Kennedy, Caro, Ellie Bleach)

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 Sophia Kennedy –  Dizzy Izzy

This is an essential listen. Although if you’re here for anything typical or convential, you’re definitely in the wrong place. A sinister cello staggers throughout as Kennedy flows her melodic poem-like lyrics above as the track gets steadily more electronic. Every moment is more unpredictable than the last with glorious harmonies and subtly deep electro beats. Listen to it, love it, and buy her debut eponymous LP on Pampa Records.



Caro – Closet Lunatic

Caro have been biding their time since they performed at fundraiser earlier this year, but new single ‘Closet Lunatic’ shows off why. A thundering bass line grooves deep into your soul as Adam works his lyrical magic “underneath your goody two shoes is a dirty pair of socks that you’re never gonna wash”, before an almighty Alt-J-esque tumultuous ending.



Ellie Bleach – Duvet Day

Courtney Barnett fans, listen up! Your new favourite artist is here in the form of Ellie Bleach, Southend-on-Sea’s sleekest new singer. ‘Duvet Day’ is the first single off her debut EP, it’s dreamy guitars and subtle backing harmonies are absolutely to die for. Not afraid to mince her words, Bleach sings about those hazy days “This has got to be the ugliest sunrise I’ve ever seen, the sting of 7am is never this sharp, hello darkness my old friend, I’m getting up for work still high again”.

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