Interview: A Conversation with The Magic Gang

Brighton based quartet The Magic Gang have undeniably claimed their amazing live performance reputation through extensive touring and their modern take on resurrecting old-school mo-town vibes with an indie-rock twist. Whilst at Live At Leeds I had the joys of catching up with the band prior to their show at the Church. We got to talk T-shirt scandals, the upcoming album and nuclear war.


Who are the bands that you’re off to see today?

Jack: We actually made a list earlier, so gonna hopefully go and see The Big Moon, Dream Wife, Superfood, King Nun if we can and The Orielles.


Where are you looking forward to playing on your upcoming tour in May?

Jack: Manchester, London, Sheffield.


Why Sheffield?

Gus: Because it’s sold out.

Kris: I love Sheffield.

Gus: Birmingham is always great.


So, everywhere?

Kris: Yes! Everywhere, Oxford, Leicester, Stoke, all of them.


Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Jack: We do a vocal warm up, we do that for about 5 minutes before we go on but that’s about it.

Paeris: It’s not really that special though is it?

Kris: Sometimes we like to sing something silly as well, maybe a bit of The Beatles but in a really overly Beatles kind of way, not very much a ritual or anything exciting but hey.

Paeris: Just put down nothing!

Kris: Just put ‘the band were silent’.


What is the strangest thing you’ve seen in a crowd whilst on tour?

Jack: Someone had made their own version of one of our t-shirts and threw it onto the stage and that was probably the most special thing that’s happened.

Kris: I think it was a send.

Jack: It was in response to a scandal, whereby we accidently, maybe I shouldn’t bring this up.

Gus: Yeah basically, we made a mailing list and we didn’t expect like 5,000 people to sign up to it and we couldn’t really give out 5,000 t-shirts. So yeah, maybe it was a dig.


What’s the plan with your album?

Jack: Well we’ve kind of, we have started it and it’s well and truly in the pipes, it should be out in January next year.

Kris: With a bit of haste.

Jack: We’ve started recording it, we just need to finish it in between touring now and in between festivals.


What can we expect from your album?

Gus: I think the main thing is that it’s our debut record and we want to make it really concise and you know, loads of bangers and making sure it’s put together the same way albums were put together in the 60s and 70s where there used to be an album, it wasn’t just a compilation of tracks. It’s got to all flow well and feel like a body of work rather than a compilation of all your biggest songs so far.

Kris: It’s kind of like Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.


And lastly, what should we expect for the future?

Jack:  Well the way things are going in the world, I don’t know.

Gus: Nuclear War? Probably. Imminently.

Paeris: More t-shirt scandals.

Gus: We’ll probably be blown up before we get to release the album.

Jack: Just more of the same really [laughs]

Kris: No, no, bigger and better things.

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