What’s New? Pom Poko – Jazz Baby

JAZZ BABY! If there’s a song title designed to immediately excite a person, that’s the one. Well, for me anyway.

Norwegian punky-poppers Pom Poko have the puzzling effect of Diet Cig, seemingly sweet and innocent but with a cheeky side hidden within their saccharine sound. Dashing cymbals designed to get your body shaking start off this belter of a track, before we accelerate into an ascending riff that causes imagery of 80s game show contestants running down the aisle, right after Bruce Forsyth shouts “Come on down!” Did Norway have The Price Is Right?

Ragnhild Fangel chirps above the penetrating grooves below “so you think I’m crazy, nothing really matters to me, all your friends they hate me, but I’m jazz baby”. If we all cared less about what people think, and listened to more jazz, the world might be slightly nicer place. Repeatedly hit play on this track for plenty of enjoyable times, then maybe whack on some Chet Baker later on.


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