Childhood make their long-awaited return with soulful single ‘Californian Light’

If you’ve joined me in the punishing three-year wait for new music from South London five-piece Childhood, then rejoice – because they’ve just dropped a new single.

‘Californian Light’ marks the bands comeback with a soulful, more mature sound. Gone are the psychedelic days of 2014’s Lacuna, replaced with crisp, groovy drums and harmonious high-pitched backing vocals. The debut track from upcoming second album Universal High, ‘Californian Light’ is an ode to the bygone era of classic pop songs and 70’s funk.

Vocalist Ben Romans-Hopcraftof explains Childhood’s absence with an online post. “To challenge ourselves to find more about what we wanted from music, I think we needed a period of rediscovery and commitment to what really made us tick as music fans and musicians.” If Californian Light’ is anything to go by, Universal High really has been worth the wait.

Universal High is out 21 July 2017 via Marathon Artists

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