Interview: A Conversation with Eat Fast

The North just doesn’t stop churning out sick new bands at the moment – and right up there at the top of them are East Fast, Newcastle’s fuzziest and scuzziest punk four-piece. Their recent signing to Brighton’s freshest label, Cannibal Hymns, has propelled the band to new heights; latest garage/rock single ‘Scrambled Egg’ has gone down a storm, second EP ‘Immortal Kombat’ is due out in one month – and top it off, they’ve secured an ace slot at Brudenell Social Club for Live at Leeds this Saturday. Thanks to the lovely Live at Leeds lot, we were able to have a quick chat with the quartet about their album artwork, fast food and The Pigeon Detectives.

Hey! How’s everything going in the world of Eat Fast?

Tremendously well, thank you. The snooker world championships is on. Can life get any sweeter?


Congrats on ‘Scrambled Egg’ – it’s been getting a lot of airplay, particularly with Huw Stephens. Did you expect such a reception?

We just hoped people would like it. Radio play is always a confidence booster! I don’t think we ever thought we’d be on Radio 1 when we first started. Pretty snazzy like.


What’s it like to be part of the growing North East music scene?

Fun. Exciting. Have you heard Cheap Lunch? They’re our new faves by miles!


Your brilliantly named debut EP with Cannibal Hymns, ‘Immortal Kombat’, is out May 19th. What can you tell us about it?

We did it ourselves with our pal James Hall. It’s more cohesive than our first EP. It feels like more of a journey perhaps… thrilled to be releasing it with Cannibal Hymns. They’re super cool. Again, we just hope people like it. We enjoy playing the songs very much.


Your artwork is always super psychedelic. Who designs it?

The latest artwork is designed by our dear friend Adam Sykes. He plays guitar with local bastards Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. All our other designs are by Cody Sowerby – @falseidolfanclub on da instagram.


You’re one of many lucky upcoming bands who’ve received PRS funding. How do you think it’s helped your career

Enormously. At this stage even breaking even is near impossible. PRS funding helps us tour, record, exist, etc.


You’re at the DIY stage over at Brudenell for Live @ Leeds, your self-described “fav UK venue”. What makes you love it so much?

Mainly because it’s not in London.


What other bands on the lineup are you excited to catch?

The Pigeon Detectives.


Do you have a special place in your heart for playing Leeds?

Oh yes! We love anywhere that’s less than one hundred miles from home. And the Brud might be the best venue in the UK. It’s got a car park man! Amazing!


Last question: with a name like ‘Eat Fast’, can you be so kind to tell us your fav fast food joint?

Maoz in Amsterdam. Proper mint when you’re stoned off your box in the Dam. Aye rights!


Eat Fast play the DIY Stage @ Brudenell Social Club for Live at Leeds this Saturday at 17:00.
Get your tickets ASAP!

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