IDER – Bermondsey Social Club, London – 06/04/17

Electronic-pop duo IDER have seen quick attention from releasing single after single but all consistently, adding a distinct personality in each release. Their new EP Gut Me Like An Animal is no stranger to this. Early set warmers such as ‘Nevermind’ and ‘King Ruby’ sent the crowd uttering lyrics back at the group. If you’re unfamiliar with their releases, IDER present dynamic electronic-pop that blares delicate balance of bouncy contemporary pop-trap beats yet touching on to minimal in production. 

‘Pulse’ and ‘Million’ had the room in utter silence – the crowd were, seemingly, in awe. The location of the venue in Bermondsey was under the train tracks, this venue location seemed to fallen victim to rumbling in song moments but I would say this only brought more tension and added to the low sub, so I was all for that.

Witnessing “a track we’ve never played live before” being a stellar interpretation of ‘Roses’ by OutKast brought much humour to the crowd. One excerpt from the GMLAA EP included ‘Does She Even Know’, a track that features the wondrous Shura at the helm of the production. This was pleasant and felt ethereal-like to witness live.

IDER are a vital band to catch live for any music lovers are attending festivals such as Live At Leeds or The Great Escape this year.

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