What’s New? 5.3.17 (High Sunn, MELLAH, HAUS)

What’s New? brings you 3 new tracks for essential listening every week.

High Sunn – Tears

The summer sunn is high in the sky, as piercing guitars ripple through High Sunn’s new track out via PNKSLM. This Cali dream-pop band provide exactly what the best bands do, music that takes you away from where you really are. Am I on a Cali beach loving life and riding the waves? Not at all, but for exactly 3 minutes I can convince myself otherwise.



MELLAH – Round

We loved MELLAH’s debut single and we love new single ‘Round’ even more. Beginning with nothing but singular plucked strings and MELLAH’s strong and steady vocal, the lyrics cry out to be listened to.



HAUS – Say What You Say

HAUS have pretty much proved they can do no wrong, hit after hit they’re throwing out into the universe each track produced to perfection. ‘Say What You Say’ is a slightly poppier track than their previous, major inflections overtaking the minor for a positive outlook on HAUS’ usual formula – and no surprise, it works spectacularly.




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