Will Joseph Cook releases new single ‘Plastic’

His debut is out very soon, the suspense is ramping up, the music world ready and waiting expecting nothing else until the album drops – and he goes and releases another single. WJC – WE SALUTE YOU. It’s a corker as well.

‘Plastic’ – one of the shorter cuts the young artist from Tunbridge Wells has released, is also one of the catchier, soon-as-you-hear-it-you-love-it songs from Will Joseph Cook. Sweet Dreamer out 14th April will be one of this year’s highlights if every track keeps up this quality. Now a firm favourite at TMB, WJC brings a new element to each song he produces, while still retaining the skill to uplift, engage and excite the listener every time.

Slightly more electronic beats backed by bright and full steel drums provide the perfect tropical track to dance to as Cook sings “I just don’t feel like dancing on my own”. Me neither, but feel free to dance exuberantly alone in your room to this top track, I already have, so you won’t be alone in spirit.

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