What’s New? The Death of Pop – Pain Is Needless

Whilst they’ve been teasing new music for a while, and taster ‘Like Always’ recaptured everyone’s attention after a brief, year-long dry spell, The Death of Pop’s new single is perhaps the best reintroduction to the band yet – urgent, spiralling guitar lines, classic harmonies, and breakneck drums all condensed into a three-minute slab of pure pop.

Surely destined to become a staple of their relentless live set, ‘Pain is Needless’ is short but sweet and thick like treacle. Their honest Soundcloud tags have always amused us at TMB and their confession that this is the closest to indie pop they’ve reached doesn’t go amiss. Taking everything they’re known for and turning it up to 11, the new single is one of their most direct: a surefire technique to finally hit the big time.


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